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Roximat Guide


How to Set up a Proxy Server for Telegram (Desktop)
Desktop version of Telegram is compatible with IPv6 or IPv4 both types (HTTPS/SOCKS5).
Open Telegram on a computer
Click on the ☰ icon > Settings (left top corner)
Allocate with cursor Connection type
Click on the Default (TCP used)
If you have purchased IPv6 check the Try connecting through IPv6 box (if you have IPv4, leave this option)
Check Use custom proxy box
Check the box SOCKS5 (make sure are you switched to SOCKS5 in My Proxies)
Fill in your IP and Port
Fill in proxy Username & Password
Click Save
Check if your Proxy is online.

  1. Check correctness of credentials (Username, Password)
  2. Check correct proxy type (HTTPS to SOCKS5 - My Proxies)
  3. Repeat the process
  4. If not helped, contact us via live chat or support@roximat.com
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