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Roximat Guide


Are You Confused What The Proxy Is About?
In this short article we would try to describe some basic facts about proxy servers. We have tried to use as few technical terms as possible, simply make it understandable for laymen.
At the end of this article will be also described what Roximat Proxies' properties are, so you can find out whether Roximat suits your needs.
Short Definiton
If you're using a proxy server, internet traffic flows through the proxy server on its way to the address you requested. The request then comes back through that same proxy server (there are exceptions to this rule), and then the proxy server forwards the data received from the website to you.

In other words, using proxy will make your device, software, app, program look that you are connected from the location of the proxy and not your actual ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Basic Proxy Server Division
You can basically divide proxy servers by privacy level, type of protocol and protocol version.

So we know proxies Datacentered and Residential

These ones are created by the internet providers in certain datacenters, from which the proxies are supplied to the customers, so can happen that more clients can have the same geo-location (held by big companies as Amazon and other).

For example if some datacenter supplier will have datancenter in New York, then all USA proxies we would sell are from New York, without possibility to choose/customize its more certain location like region/town level. Advantage is its price, but disadvantage is that your connection might not be so unique, even though your connection is totally private and secured with credentials.

You can imagine them as a unique proxy related to specific location especially created for specific device (device the proxy simulates/pretends), those are more demanded proxies because they give you really unique connection, but also way more expensive than the other type, Datacenter.

A transparent proxy tells websites that it is a proxy server and it will still pass along your IP address.

An anonymous proxy will identify itself as a proxy, but it won't pass your IP address to the website – this helps prevent identity theft and keep your browsing habits private. They can also prevent a website from serving you targeted marketing content based on your location.

Difference of IPv4 and IPv6
There are some tech. matters which differ these two protocol versions, but it will be enough to say that version 6 is better in terms of effeciency and complexity, but not every web page, software, app, program is already adapted to this newer protocol, then IPv4 comes into the place.
These two types can vary based on the offered price, IPv6 can be cheaper than its older version, v4.

And What The Roximat Proxies Are?
  • General properties of our proxies can be found here:
  • Datacentral Anonymous Private proxies
  • No data history on proxy, no recyclation, only unique proxies dedicated to each user
  • IPv6 and IPv4, at each proxy are supported both types, HTTPS/SOCKS5 (instant switching between them)
  • Up to 64 subnets in each country
  • Proxy Format in IP:PORT (IP i.e. "host")
  • Authorization via Login + Password
  • Roximat proxies' speeds are following:
    • IPv4 - 10 Mbit/s
    • IPv4 Shared - 10 Mbit/s
    • IPv6 - 30 Mbit/s
IPv4 & IPv6 Proxies starting from $0.32
If you want to try our proxy network, simply visit our site and have your proxy in 3 clicks