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How to Setup Proxy Settings on an iOS Device

How to configure your iPhone/iPad proxy settings

To browse securely and unlock restricted content on your iPhone or iPad, we recommend using our Roximat proxies.

If you want to use proxies, please follow the below tutorial.

Some networks require you to use a proxy server to access the Internet. A proxy server is another computer or device that acts as an intermediary between you and the Internet by relaying your requests to a server and the server's responses back to you. Unfortunately, this type of setup requires you to specify certain settings for you to use the Internet properly. This section will provide information on how to configure your iPad\iPhone to use a proxy server.

Step 1. Start the iPhone/iPad.

Step 2. Tap on the Settings app.

When the Settings app loads, you will be at the General Settings category.

Step 3. Tap on the Wi-Fi settings category.

Screen showing the iPhone/iPad connected to a wireless network

You should now tap on the "icon" to access the specific settings of the wireless connection.

Step 4. You will now be at the Wi-Fi network settings screen for the connected network.

Step 5. Tap on the Manual button

Next, fill in the fields under HTTP Proxy. You may find the Roximat proxies in My Proxies page.

Make sure you slide Authentication to ON and input your login credentials. You can find your credentials and the Server's IP address in the My Proxies section

Step 6. When you are done setting up your proxy server, tap on the Wi-Fi Networks button.

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