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Free vs Paid Proxies
Paid proxies give you the following advantages: you can choose them by parameters (region, access rate, response time, etc.); they are stable - while paying for services, you may require a quality service in accordance with your payment; you do not need to worry that your servers may "die" tomorrow by the reasons above.
Free vs Paid Proxies
The term ''free proxy'' is misleading. Companies providing ''free'' proxies aren't just doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. In order to provide free proxy, companies need to have large quantities of bandwidth and that bandwidth is absolutely not free. So how are these companies paying for their bandwidth if they're not charging their users?

Their solutions range from annoying inconveniences (random online advertisements, slow/unstable Internet connections), to using your data against you (targeted ads, spam), to sometimes something even worse like stealing your confidential information (credit card or banking details, usernames and passwords, private photos).

But that's not all. We've gather all possible pros and cons of free and paid proxies to sumarize it for you.
Buy high quality, anonymous proxies
Starting at $0.2 / proxy
Low security
Often unencrypted, and little-to-no attention is given to online safety
High security
Best providers have firewall included
Mixed or slow speed
Many claim high speeds, but only few deliver. But honestly, high-speed proxies aren't worth the security risk
Consistent speed
The Proxy industry is big and growing. If a company cannot offer fast speeds, it gets left behind
Poor to none privacy
Websites can very easily bypass proxies and find out your real IP address. Since your online activities go through the proxies unencrypted, they are able to know everything you're doing on your browser and your location
Great privacy
Some Proxy providers keep logs, but the best ones don't need to
Mixed Stability
Depends on the type of proxy, and how well they handle their server load
Steady stability
Companies work very hard to keep servers stable, often purchasing multiple servers in one country to ensure uninterrupted connections
Low reliability
During peak times, expect service interruptions
High reliability
Typically have multiple server options
Low credibility
How are they able to legitimately provide a free service if they have high operational costs?
Varies - Easy to spot legitimately credible companies
Good companies provide all company informations publicly
Not great user experience
A lot look like they were designed in the early 2000
Varies - Best ones are simple
Many have good intentions, but there's only a short list of Proxy providers that have a great user experience
Often no customer support
Free proxies can't afford to hire people to help solve your connection problems
Varies - Best ones offer 24/7 support
And have pleasant people working for them
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